Sunday, December 21, 2008

Survey Says!

1) We have now entered the last week of Advent, and a short one it will be - so it's time to take stock - what has your Advent been like so far?
a) this has been the most meaningful one yet
b) this is the first time i've even considered the meaning of Advent
c) Good Grief! Are you ever gonna stop talking about Advent?
d) other

2) Which of the following Advent activities did you engage with this season?
a) the advent wreath
b) the advent calendar
c) I see that you are still yapping on about Advent - reading your endless quotes on it was more than enough for me
d) other

3) Would you like to have Advent quotes again next year?
a) yes please
b) no thank you
c) ya know, you are getting on my last nerve. ENUF ABOUT ADVENT! Bring back the Pack o' Poodles or the Pygmy Pilferers!
d) other

Thank you for your input on this Advent Survey. I will return soon with the results.
Extra Credit: Name the celebrities in this Family Feud photo - I can name two but can't figure out who the mannequin is?


sandy said...

So that's Family Feud. Coulda fooled me. I know the woman is not a mannequin; they don't put wigs like that on models that are supposed to show off clothes to best effect


Margaret said...


1) Because I facilitated an Advent Quiet Day on Dec. 6, spoke on Advent themes at a church forum on Dec. 7, and prepared to speak for a forum on Dec. 14, then canceled out at the last minute because I was too chicken to drive icy streets from Mercer Island to the church in Seattle, this Advent I've been thinking about & exploring Advent themes more than any other Advent in my life, but I can't say it's felt much like a peaceful, inward Advent.

2) For how I observed Advent, see above. Didn't have the bandwidth to get out our Advent Calendars (though I love them). Don't own an Advent wreath (though I'd like to have one someday).

3) Yes, I'd be happy for more Advent quotes! They were very helpful this year!

Extra Credit: Peter Marshall, long-time host of the original Hollywood Squares.

Margaret D. McGee

christine said...

Question #1-d) I love your quotes. This past month has been totally crazy and surreal. I have been hanging on to the present. Trying to live each day as it unfolds. Your quotes have been my advent preparation so Thank you.

Question 2- see above

Question 3- Yes

Extra credit- Betty White, Richard Dawson and maybe Chuck

monica said...

#1. D) Meaningful, but exhausting from school
#2. A) advent wreath
#3. A) YES

extra credit: Richard Dawson? I don't have any idea where that came from?

Evelyn said...

1. d. - this has been a strained Advent for me, as I'm in training to be an income tax professional, and have had classes 3 nights a week. I've been grateful to find your advent quotes!

2. Does going to a church and enjoying the Advent wreath there count?

3. Yes, please

Extra credit: Richard Dawson, Betty White, and Peter Marshall. :)

Father John said...

Advent has been crazy and wonderful. As for the quotes, I poppoed over to the link you provided for the feast of Thomas Merton and used one of those quotes in a sermon and an article for the local newspaper. However, I must say that Zeke (aka: Dumb Dog) was deeply offended by the Pack 'o Poodles. ;>

becky said...

Betty White---the guy from Hogan's Heroes---the guy from Hollywood Squares...that take care of it?
Richard Dawson

Peter Marshall

Advent would be nice again next year......

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I didn't get to experience Advent as fully as I wanted because of working such long hours. If it hadn't been for reading Advent posts, it wouldn't have felt like Advent much at all. So I guess that means keep 'em coming.

cheryl said...


Here are my answers: 1a (Advent has been a time this year to rejoice over all the wonder of God I have been feeling), 2d (I have loved Jan Richardson's Night Visions book), 3a (for sure keep the Advent quotes coming!)


Becky (The Little Sister) said...

For the first time in my life I have prayed every night for the homeless people and have asked my children to do the same. I am thankful each night to get into a warm bed with the heater on. Advent has taught me that one must wait - and with how our world is at the moment - we have to wait on God for His help because we are going to need it.

I was able to slip into church for a few quite minutes and they were putting up the trees and decorating them. The decorations are simple - just tall evergreens with a ton of white sparking lights - but sitting in the church pew made me realize that even though my family is bat shit crazy (and I include myself in that statement) - I love them. I have a job, I have great kids and I have a roof over my head.

Waiting makes you sit still and look at your life - so I would suggest that you please continue with this next year.

Lots of Love,

The Little Sister

ROBERTA said...

and sis, if it weren't for your insistence there would be no blog:)