Friday, May 30, 2008

Pack o' Poodles

In Wednesday's Sequim This Week in the Crime Report Section, under"Disturbances/Suspicious", I spotted the following entry:

"Several cows on reporting party's property..." Well that's a common occurence - after all we are still somewhat of a farming community.....But it was the next one that made me look twice. It read (and I kid you not) "Pack of 10 to 12 standard poodles, Happy Valley Road"........can you picture this? .......what kind of trouble would a posse of poodles be getting into? and what would they look like?

Perhaps they were a well groomed lot that resembled this lovely standard poodle?

Or maybe they looked like this one? Imagine 10 to 12 of these coming towards ya...scary, huh? would ya run for your life?

Or horror of horrors! Maybe they spotted a pack of pink & purple poodles?

What is this town coming to?
Is it even safe to leave our homes anymore?


Sandy Dengler said...

Love it!


Linda K. said...

I too, read the same item. And, I must admit I was wondering as well what that site might have looked like.

Rebecca Fleming said...

Remember Jacuqette and Pepe - and when they would go to the dog beauty parlor and get those ridiculous hait cuts and come back with those diamond collars ... maybe that is why I hate poodles.

I personally dig poodle #2 ... I totally dig that lioness look ...

Maybe they were having a coffee klatch .. can't a poodle have any privacy anymore??

Roma said...

That is tooooo funny!!! The puff ball photo is scary looking!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Hi. I noticed your comment on Yearning for God and came to check you out. I love this post. Some friends of mine are phobic about Standard Poodles. I think I have to send them over to read this!