Friday, December 26, 2008

St. Stephen

Welcome to the darker side of the Christmas season. Yesterday was all about the sweetness of the birth of Christ and today, St. Stephen's Day, is a reminder of how easily we humans can become frightened & enraged when anyone should start to "mess with" our view of truth. And that is what Jesus came to do - mess with our view of truth. May we all hold our truths lightly today, as the Spirit leads us towards Bethlehem and the Christ child.


karen said...

And, remember; St. Stephen was the first deacon and martyr. :-)

Nice to see you the other night!


ROBERTA said...

You're the first person i thought of when I wrote the post!

d said...

I have a hard time thinking that Stephen was kneeling in a beautiful silk robe with a beautific halo over his head as he was stoned by guys in bright colored tunics with "modern" belt buckles.

Blessings, friend and hoping your Christmas Day was wonderful. Ours was. d

brad said...

Good thoughts for this "Second Christmas" day, Roberta. You know, I do not agree fully with Stephen's own take on things (he was, after all, human like us). But it is wrong that he fell victim to the violence that often is unleashed against those with whom the "devout" do not agree, be the issue that of race, or sexual preference, or how many wives to have, etc. etc. Jesus explained that our view of truth needs to be a whole lot simpler - love God and love your fellow human being as you love yourself. Then you don't need to worry about the other stuff, because it falls into place without us needing to help it.
Hope you had a merry Christmas. St. Paul's was PACKED for the late service, with newcomers and folks sitting on each other's laps! - Brad

laurie said...

did not know this was,St Stephens Day,but just before I got your email,I was thinking that I wanted to re read Acts,it was the first book I read,and because I,get it now,for sure it would have more impact.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful gifts each day,I truly look forward to every one,hope you had a great Christmas,and this new year will see us all in a better light.

love Laurie

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

A good reminder to hold our own truths lightly.

I hope you are continuing to have a blessed holiday season.