Friday, December 12, 2008

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HT to Jan


Father John said...

Love it!

erh said...

Thanks, Roberta for this; I love the reminder and may pass some on...I remember seeing a copy of Geez Magazine when in school and would love to subscribe.

brad said...

Yay Roberta! One of your very best, even though it doesn't contain your own writing. What a neat blend of the very old and liturgical (the icon - a window to a mystical truth) and words that Jesus might say to any of us today.

40 years ago, in Greece, Christmas was the celebration of the Nativity, even though Jesus probably was born in the spring. Back then, Greeks gave gifts to their kids on New Year's Day (Saint Basil's day). Greeks gave gifts to other adults on their
own Name Day. To this day, my buddy Niko treats everybody in town who shows up at his place on 6 December.

BUT - Europe and the U.S.
wanted Greece to shape up and become more European and less Middle Eastern. So in the late 70's Greece embraced the whole German-Brit- American Christmas concept, complete with cheap decorations and lights from the Pacific Rim. Now Greek kids get (way too much) stuff on both Christmas and New Year's. What a deal!

You made me think that the Zoroastrian astrologers who showed up in Bethlehem gave gifts to the baby king, not to anybody else, and not to each other. Just like the gilded icon, they gave as part of worship. But I'm still gonna give gifts to people this Christmas. Maybe not so many
Thank you! - Brad

donna said...

I have been thinking a lot about this. I don't think God cares how much we spend at Christmas. I think He cares about how much we love at Christmas. And, mostly, the giving is done in love. I think He wants us to remember the reason for the season, no matter what we spend or don't spend. Could we use our money more wisely? Yes, but we need to do that all year. Could we share Christmas with those less fortunate? Yes, but we need to do that all year. Do we use Christmas as an excuse to overspend? Yes, but we do that all year. So why do we single out Christmas when it comes to spending money? I really don't think God does. What think you?

PS I also don't agree with those who complain about Christmas starting earlier every year. I say Bring it on year round folks! d