Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today I received an email from Office Depot with the title "Reward Status". Upon opening it I saw these big, bold, red words: YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO REWARDS! Ooohhh....Tell me more! "You need $7.79 in Rewards to receive a Reward card." Ok...but what will my reward be? I scrolled down to see that my current "reward" amount after spending another $7.79 will be $2.21! LOL.

So I have to spend more to get a smaller reward? I don't think so! I want a bigger reward! There, I said it. What makes me think/believe/expect a reward? Perhaps this all started as a kid when I knew there would always be a toy surprise in my Cracker Jacks? (and btw, as an adult white female, I'm now feeling a tad uncomfortable with the name of this product.) And yet, I know this sense of entitlement runs much deeper.

Does spending money at a box store qualify me for a reward? Has the idea of receiving a reward lost its value? After all, isn't a reward something given in return for something accomplished? I seem to be walking around with a "She Who Must be Rewarded" bumper sticker plastered across the back of my head.

And do I not expect God to reward me? Scripture is filled with reward scenarios... James & John wanted to know what Jesus was going to do for them in Heaven, and the parables of Christ are filled with talk of rewards - all of which brings me back to Advent...

Our ultimate reward is coming...we must continue in this waiting process....and it won't be like anything a candy company's marketing team could design - it won't be flashy, there won't be any fanfare - just a child, born in a stinky barn to an unwed teen....bringing with Him the greatest reward of all - Himself!

p.s. i used a photo of cracker jacks because a picture of office depot just wasn't that exciting:)


brad said...

And it's a NEW (more or less) Cracker Jack box. I know because it's
got "grams" on it. In my day of consuming Cracker Jacks, Gram was
the one who bought them for you and who gave you many other rewards
as well. - Brad

ROBERTA said...

The first picture i found had "0 Trans Fats" printed up in the corner & i knew that was a newer one!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That Cracker Jack brings back memories. And now I'm hungry.

Jayne said...

Much food for thought Roberta...