Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Spirit

As we head towards the New Year,
are you finding this to be the case?

"Next to a circus there ain't nothing
that packs up and tears out faster than
the Christmas spirit."
- Kim Hubbard


Mrs. D. said...

imminently quotable, as is Henri Nouen (sp? I can't pronounce his name, either).

Blessings on you, lovely lady

becky (the little sister) said...

Yes - it's sort of like driving by and watching all the Christmas tree lots packed up and gone and everyone sort of goes back to their lives before hand.

It's sort of sad that we can't be like that all year round - but maybe if we start with ourselves we can start to make a change.

brad said...

Hi Roberta!
The Christmas tree and decorations can move out quickly, just like
the circus trappings. The spirit doesn't need to. It'd be boring to
have the circus always around, and the vacant lot or field where it
sets up would get pretty yucky. But if you love the circus, you
remember all year how great it was and you anticipate its return.
Same for Christmas! Plus which, sometimes that tree hangs on a while...

ROBERTA said...

A reader from the Middle East left a comment yesterday that i could not decipher. Perhaps you could try to send it again?