Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What do we Expect?

Because it looks like we will have SNOW on the ground until the end of the year I thought we could all do with a TROPICAL scene :) Doesn't that hammock look inviting? Wouldn't you like to doze off in it as you feel the heat of the sun and hear the lapping of the water against the warm sand? (Am I being cruel?) Being suspended above the ground, in a state of complete relaxation - not quite in touch with reality - now that does sound fabulous! But not when it comes to our emotional hammocks!

"Disappointment can be like a
to which we instantly
whenever we are
with people and situations
that fail to meet our

- Wayne Muller

So, is there disappointment in this Advent season of waiting? Absolutely - just look at the expectations the world had (and still has) regarding the Savior. What kind of king would be born to people living in poverty? That's not what the disciples & others were looking for. I'm sure that as Jesus was led to His death there were many who kept waiting for Him to "do something"....They were expecting a powerful ruler- so why wasn't He acting like one? How disappointing!

Maybe that's why there is (and has been) so much obsessing over the second coming of Christ - That meek and mild stuff was OK for the first century but some believe that when Jesus returns he needs to break through those clouds with guns blasting! He needs to let everyone know He is in charge and start kicking some serious ass! But what if He returns, not to punish but to forgive? Not to condemn, but to love? Not to check to see if you have said the sinner's prayer, but to hold each and every one of us in his loving and neverending embrace? What do we expect?


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I like your version much better than a Rambo Jesus.

Now off to dream about that hammock.

sandy said...

Oh, I love this!


karen said...

OMG, i love this post!!!!!!!!!!! Probably the MOST of all your posts ever and ever amen. Karen

brad said...

Roberta, what a concept - why, we'd have to accept that God and His Son love, and accept, the people we hate. What if Saddam is in Heaven too? Or Adolph? What if Jesus does not care what your sexual preference is? What if He comes again in the same way he came the first time - in a small, poor place, with a radical message of forgiveness. What if, at first, only a few folks realize He's back, while others denounce Him as not the Jesus they're expecting? What if the real Nativity celebration is about the kingdom that's already here? Really good job, lady. I bet you got lots of people thinking,
and that should be very satisfying to a writer! - Brad