Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

I dreamed it was Christmas Eve,
and while waiting for a green light I noticed the manger scene on the church lawn.
It's all so overwhelming, this Christmas business, I thought.
The shopping and singing and partying and gift-wrapping and Santa Claus and Jesus.
I feel wonderful then guilty then joyful then confused.
God help me, I thought.
And the light changed, and the baby in the manger smiled.
Joe Hickman
photo: This is a Church of England poster that is being shown on a thousand bus stops across the UK. It shows Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, with halos, in a bus shelter. The shepherds and wise men are replaced by bus passengers with some gazing at the nativity while others are checking the timetable and flagging down a bus. The artist, Andrew Gadd had this to say, "The bus stop when simplified is like a stable. It is after all a shelter - a place people go to but never want to be.
So where better to stage a nativity?"


Jayne said...

Indeed, it is shelter from the cold and chaos.

Hoping you and yours have a beautiful and blessed Christmas Roberta. :c)

sandy said...

You find the most wonderful things.

Merry Christmas, lovely lady

Becky said...

What a beautiful picture

christine said...

This is beautiful! Thank you again.

andrea said...

I hope your celebration of His birth is full of family and sweet memories.
God bless you,

Becky S. said...

Merry Christmas....O Come, O Come Emmanuel!