Sunday, January 25, 2009

Take short views of life

"In times
of depression,
take short
views of
human life -
not further
or tea."

Rev. Sydney Smith
(18th cent.)

I talked to my sister tonight who had just returned from the hospital. Our father may be drawing closer to the end of his journey & I need this gentle reminder to not live in the "what ifs" but to stay in the present moment.
Perhaps you struggle with this too?
art work: "Tea Time Dreamer" by Regina of Creative Kismet


Jayne said...


d said...

Roberta: It's not the end of the journey, it is the beginning of another. Peace of heart, friend. d

Brad said...

Yes, dear friend, I do indeed! It's been quite a while since my parents died, but it was after my mom's death that I went through a whole mess of "if only I had...... if only she had....." Sometimes something will trigger a sudden remembrance of all that stuff and it is ONLY by focus on the immediate and the good that God helps me get that devil behind me. Your father is moving toward peace and the moment he is with God and is fully himself for eternity, you can know that he wishes you that peace too. As for your mother, God's peace can come but it may take time because our wounds can be stubborn. NOW - about only looking as far ahead as tea - have a good cup of Earl Grey! The oil of bergamot in it is a natural anti-depressant and the low level of caffeine makes it easier NOT to get worked up. When I anthropomorphize our Lord in today's world, he is of course a homeless radical staying at the PT shelter, but when he is teaching and healing, he has a cup of tea nearby!

Peace (really) - Brad

bernie said...

Hang in there, Roberta. I can relate to what you are going through. My Dad died almost 4 years ago and your comments sound so much like my thoughts at the time. It is hard stuff. Blessings, Bernie

jay said...

I pray that you'll one day know just why the end of your dad's journey is unfolding as it is. Until then, I'll pray that you are able to take short views of life and enter into a peace and acceptance of the moment.

Do I struggle with that too? Oh yeah. For me, I seem to do this most when I'm in a situation I have no control over (something I've always been very uncomfortable with). As if by going down the "what if" road, I could either cause something NOT to happen or TO happen . . . HA!

Jan said...

Oh, I quite like this quote; thanks so much for passing it along. Wishing you many blessings, and some sustaining dinners and comforting tea-times...

ROBERTA said...

i quite like that blessing :)
(she said is she sipped her tea)

Ellie Finlay said...

I think we all struggle with it from time to time, Roberta.

Prayers with you.

Jan said...

((Roberta)) Thank you for this good reminder.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Yes, I do struggle with that.

Blessings on you and your family.