Monday, January 26, 2009

coming to god as we are

"If we don't live out of our own center, we live out of something or someone else's center. If we try to live out of anything less than ourselves, we can't get far in the spiritual life, because we pass before the face of the Divine One like strangers.

We bring nothing genuine for God to love, and there is nothing authentic we present for transformation. If we are unwilling to reveal ourselves as we are to God, or even to ourselves, we remain hollow." - John Gorsuch - An Invitation to the Spiritual Journey

Art: "Empty on the Inside" by Simon Tsang


sandy said...

See? This is why I say with confidence that I am spiritually numb. This goes right over my head. I have no idea what lofty thought he's expressing here. Infinitely worse, I don't care.

Blessings on you, dear lady

Jan said...

This is such a good quote. Thank you.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

We pass before the face of the divine one as strangers.

I love that.