Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Family


Jayne said...

I am grinning like a 'possum. :c)

Sandy said...

I ghosted a psychology book once by Paul Warren (now deceased), a child psychiatrist. In it he went into detail about how to look at photos that are unposed, or if posed, which shot was chosen. Most of what he said is intuitive, but you don't normally think the intuition is valid. Apparently, most of it is. Anyway, it's fun to do.

Looking at this photo:

Their dress is simple but tending toward a more formal look than is common today in America

She is at ease but strongly inclined toward her husband and children.

He is not erect. He is bent toward his wife and to accomodate his child. His wedding ring is prominently displayed.

The children are at ease and smiling but the smiles are not the standard you're-getting-your-picture-taken smile. The little one is curled up within her father, happily protected; the elder is wrapped around him; i.e. close affection but no longer under full protection, so to speak; both appropriate for their ages.

They are in a natural setting even though it is actually a studio backdrop (note that their lighting is from the left with supplimentary, the tree's shadow in the background is from behind)

Like I say, fun to play with.

Brad said...

Right on!!! We were glued to the tube for the whole shebang, and I really liked the speech, but my absolute favorite? The benediction. Wow!! "...but we know, Lord, you got the whole world in your hands..." I can still remember what I was doing and how I felt when I learned of Kennedy's assassination. I will remember this inauguration better and longer (if God grants me that many years).

With real HOPE! - Brad

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

They are so beautiful. I love the way his girls are with him.