Sunday, January 4, 2009

Prayer for a Best Friend

A Prayer for a Best Friend
Dr. Stephen Helmreich
By Josh Thomas

Dear God,
I give you praise and thanks for my friend N, who has graced my life with wisdom, love and laughter since we met. When my life is going well, I can’t wait to tell her*; when I am hurting, she consoles me, and when I have failed, she accepts me. You have made my friend a bearer of your love for me; I see the light you made to shine in her. Shower my friend with blessings today, O Lord; make me worthy to receive the gifts she brings each time we’re together, and help me return in full measure the love I feel for her. You have made us one in your Spirit, O Lord; thanks be to God, Amen.

*yes, I changed the gender - feel free to change it back.


Linda said...

The "Best Friend" prayer couldn't have come at a more perfect time. My husband and I just spent New Years Eve as well as the following four days with my best friend and her husband. She has been my closest and dearest friend for the past fifty years. Not too many people can say they have had a best friend for that long and I always feel so blessed that she is in my life. We have been through the "Good, Bad and Ugly" and the friendship continues to grow and grow. I thank God all the time for the presence (present) of her in my life. Linda

laurie said...

no,I like she.

Jayne said...

How lovely Roberta!

sudipa said...

Dear God , My best friend is Abhi , he is very good person , please you will look my friend , his job , his family , his education ,and his married life, children all are natual and doing best with blessing God . please , and my best friend my mother, father and elder sisiter , are all life is best and progress for God's Bless. please God , please , please please .You are best friend for all person into World .

Hesty Lim said...

I like this post, Roberta.. It's sweet.. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear God
My male best friend is Stephen. He suffers with porn addiction and he visits inappropriate websites for interaction and comfort.
I too sometimes struggle with pornography but not to the same degree. I love him so much. He has brought such joy into my life over the years despite our different stages in life. I pray that you help me to help him.
I pray that you bless his marriage and our friendship.
In Jesus' name.