Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cat on a hot tin stove

"We have to be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it and stop there, lest we be like the cat that sits on a hot stove. She will never sit on a hot stove again and that is well, but she will never sit on a cold stove anymore.
-Mark Twain

I know, I know....I'm completely overdoing the whole cat picture thing lately - but there is just something about their faces - i mean, just look at that face. what do you see? disdain? disgust? that is a GREAT face!

and as for this quote - well when i was in the 4th grade i answered a question in front of the class and was ridiculed by the teacher - the rest of the class laughed - it was a real "charlie brown" moment in my what did i do? i made a decision that day to never answer a question again - silly, huh? but i kept that promise to myself until another teacher coaxed me out of it years later.

there have been numerous other experiences in which i have tried to somehow protect myself from being rejected or hurt - not realizing that there was something to learn from the experience i was in that didn't necessarily have to be applied to all other experiences of my life!

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Brad said...

Hey Roberta! Another fine example of yur own thoughts and writing being so good. Wonder how Sam Clemens would feel to know that you built on what he wrote and made it better? Gotta ask - is that your own cat picture? That cat looks very much like the fabled "Lulu" of my teenage years. We moved to a farm and my dad asked a friend of his, a zoologist, to find us a nice little girl cat. She found us "little Lulu." Mu grandpa took a good look at our sweet little girl and burst out laughing - Lulu was a tom! "Lou" grew to over three feet nose to tail and topped 20 pounds. for a decade after, you could see kittens all over the county with his markings. But indeed he was NOT wise! - Brad