Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Wise Decision

When we last left the Wisemen, they had made the shocking discovery that their waving cat wasn't all it was cracked up to be. They've been very quiet since then, speaking only when spoken to. I've left them alone, using my own bathroom, in an attempt to not intrude on their grieving process.  When I have peeked I have noticed that the cat is still on its side, even though I've offered to replace the batteries. But we all know that once you recognize the truth, it's difficult to continue living in the state of delusion.  Let's knock on the door and see what they are up to today.

Me: Knock Knock
Wisemen: Come in.
Me: Hi....thought I'd check up on you. What are you doing?
Wiseman #1: We thought it best to consult our book of wisdom.
Me: Yes, I see that. And what have you learned?
Wiseman #2: Feel free to read over our shoulders.
Wiseman #3: Yes, we'd point but as you know we have no arms.
Me: Do you ever NOT bring that up in a conversation?
Wiseman #3: Not if we can help it.
Wiseman #1: ENOUGH! We have to make a decision here.
Me: Really? What kind of decision?
Wiseman #2: Read the decree.

"Go- not knowing where.
Bring- not knowing what.
The path is long,
the way unknown."
-Russian Fable

Me: Well, that sounds very um...mystical?
Wiseman: #3: Yes, we need to consult other wise ones!
Wiseman #2: Do you know of any in the area?
Me: Well, yes I actually do.
Wiseman #1: Please arrange for an audience.
Me: I will get right on that your highnesses!
Wiseman #1: We must rest. A great journey lies before us!

It looks like we're going on a FIELD TRIP!!!!!


Ann said...

I love you! How do you come up with this stuff. You had me laughing out loud, and also in awe of the mystery. You amaze me.

Jill said...

I needed that chuckle today!

Brad said...

Roberta, I'm really enjoying this! For me, the Waving Cat was in fact a sacrament (a sort of window through which a higher reality was shining). When we come fact to face with the mundane limitations of sacraments (being immersed or being sprinkled do NOT change you instantly into a new person, for instance), our humanity sends us on a quest for a new sacrament. It isn't the reality that changed, but we need a new way to get at it. To the extent we're listening to God In Us/ God Among Us, we may find what we need. I hope the Wise Men do!
Love, Brad

ROBERTA said...

I do not "come up with this stuff"- the wise men do!

ROBERTA said...

Who knows where the Wise Men will lead? I'm only along for the ride:) By the way, they are enjoying your posts!

Evelyn said...

I'll definitely be back to read more. I can relate to the wise men's grief, and I look forward to seeing where this journey leads!