Friday, November 26, 2010

Those Darn Waving Cats!

I've received several queries regarding the whereabouts of the Wise Men. As you recall I took them to San Francisco in late Spring for a view of the world outside my powder room. They roamed the hotel, enjoyed an Irish pub crawl and sat in on some of the sessions at the Spiritual Director's International (SDI) conference.

But the trouble began when they tagged along on a trip to China Town. They became mesmerized by those Chinese good-luck beckoning cats that can be found in every tourist gift shop. They saw them in a window and just had to run in to purchase one for their very own. They couldn't wait to get home to set it up on their window sill to admire. And then something strange happened. They just couldn't stop watching the cat waving.

At first they said they enjoyed the friendliness of their cat. They were fascinated by the fact that the cat had a moveable appendage - something they lack - and that they are always quick to point out to anyone who will listen.  They also informed me that they could watch the cat wave all day - and that's what they did for months! It was like their own form of Facebook, but without the friends.

I don't know how many times I tried to coax them to come out of the bathroom for some fresh air but they were not interested. They pretty much ignored me completely. I just wasn't as interesting as that waving cat. So I left them to their obsession.  And then one day a loud wail came from the guest bath. I ran in and asked what was wrong.

Wiseman#1: Help! Our cat has stopped waving!
Wiseman#2: Yes! Begin administering CPR!!
Wiseman#3: Call 911!
Me: Um, I don't know how to break this to you, but there is nothing wrong with your cat.
Wiseman##2: What do you mean? Just look at it! It stopped waving! I think...oh dare I say it?
Wiseman#1: OH NO! Our lucky cat can't be DEAD?
Me: Fellas, calm yourselves...the battery died.
Wiseman #1: Battery? What battery?
Me: The one inside of your precious lucky cat.
Wiseman#3: You mean our cat isn't waving at us of its own accord?
Me: Not's battery-operated. See for yourself.

A period of silence ensued.
Wiseman#2: (Sigh)... I feel duped. I thought the cat loved us.
Wiseman#1: Yeah, I cannot believe we wasted all that time just watching it wave.
Wiseman#3: I really thought it was our friend. I guess we were foolish to trust a cat.
Wiseman#2: And a battery operated one at that!

To be continued.............


Philomena Ewing said...

I loved the phrase just like facebook without the friends- I laughed and laughed at this.
Blessings for Advent, Roberta- looking forward to the next instalment

Diane said...

I have plenty of experience with the "beckoning cat" (or "maneki neko" as it is called in Japan), but never heard of one which was battery operated!

Jill said...

Can't wait to read part 2! :)

Brad said...

Roberta, I love this - it's a parable! I'm fascinated to see where you go with it. And you know, the wise men got peace and happiness from the waving cat even though it was an inanimate object because of what they believed it to be. Faith is very powerful. What a shame if/when it's diminished because the wise men (or we) focus too much on the mundane. For the wise men the waving cat was, perhaps, a sacrament.
Keep it up! - Brad

Evelyn said...

Hmmm, I read the Advent post first, and was actually wondering if a "wise men" post was on its way soon. Imagine my surprise to scroll down and find this sweet post! It's been a tough day, but I'm smiling now :~)

ROBERTA said...

well i planned on posting something adventy today but i've been helping my daughter with her brand new baby! i'm in love!

Jay said...

My condolences to the wise men. I've had the same feelings about some of my relationships. I'll be interested to hear where they go with this.