Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wise Men, Wise Kids?

Wiseman #2: Greetings! We are on a quest, in search of an interpreter.
wisekid #2 to wisekid #1: Did you try to steal my frankincense?
Wiseman #1: Hello? Children?
wisekid #1 to wisekid #2: Who would want to steal your stupid frankincense?
Wiseman #3: Can I interrupt you for a brief moment, Your Childishness?
wisekid#2: Don't lie! I saw you do it. Keep your hands off my gift.
wisekid #1: You're just jealous because I've got a better gift than you do.
wisekid #2: Nuh-uh. Gold is dumb.
wisekid #1: Gold is not dumb. At least I can buy candy with gold.
What can you buy with frankincense?
Wiseman #1: EXCUSE ME....Can you stop bickering and pay attention?
wisekid #3: Welcome to my world! They never stop fighting. Maybe I can help you?
Wiseman #1: Oh Yes, the canine shepherd sent us your way.
Can you read our decree?
wisekid #3: Sorry, we can't read.
Wiseman #2: Oh that is so know, we can't w---
Wiseman #1: Do you have to tell EVERYONE about our shortcomings?
Wiseman #2: I was just trying to make them feel better.
Wiseman #3: Great! Now we are squabbling just like these children!
wisekid #3: And the difference between a smart man and a wiseman is that
while a smart man knows what to say a wiseman knows whether or not to say it.
Wiseman #1: Excellent counsel Young Sage. Can you show us the way?
wisekid #3: I'd try the wise ones on the piano.
Wiseman #2: Thank you.

Will the Wisemen ever find what they are searching for?


Paula said...

should I cross my fingers???? lol

Philomena Ewing said...

I like the piano player !! Of course the divine creator and composer would know the way. How could I forget that ?!

Evelyn said...

a smart man knows what to say and a wise man knows whether or not to say it........... so true! I'm enjoying this treasure hunt!