Monday, December 6, 2010

The Wise Men meet St. Nick

Today the Wise Men left the safety of their guest bathroom shelf in search of guidance.  They journeyed over hill and dale (ok...around the corner and through the lane) to a place where many Wise Ones are gathered.  After a tasty treat of apricot scones and Mexican coffee prepared by their most gracious hostess Christine, the Wise Men sought the counsel of those who had gone before them.

Their first stop was to a man in a red suit near the kitchen sink....

Wiseman #1:  Greetings, Oh Great Bearded One.
Santa:   Ho Ho Ho
Wiseman #2:  What strange tongue does this wise man speak?
Santa:  Oh that's just my official greeting to everyone who visits.  I find it works in all languages.
Wiseman #3:  Ahhhh...well, we are 3 wise men who have traveled far to seek help in deciphering a sacred decree we have received from a holy book.
Santa:  What does your decree say?
Wiseman #1:  Go - not knowing where.  Bring - not knowing what. The path is long, the way unknown.
Santa:  Ah...yes.....
Wiseman #2:  Ah yes what?  Do you have wisdom to impart, Oh Your Redness?
Santa:  Why yes, you see many years ago, in the 4th century to be exact, I was known as Saint Nicholas.  I was a Bishop in Myra, a land very far from here.  I was the patron saint of seafarers and children.  I generously cared for the sick, the needy and those who suffered.  As a matter of fact, today is my official Feast Day.
Wiseman #2:  Well happy Feast Day to ya!
Santa:  Thank you.  It's lovely to be remembered on one's Feast Day.
Wiseman #3:  So may I ask how you ended up here?
Santa:  This is where Christine put me. This window gives excellent afternoon light.
Wiseman #3:  NO!  I meant how did you get here from Myra.
Santa:  Oh, well Dutch immigrants brought my story with them in the early days of America.
Wiseman #1:  Pardon me for saying so, but you don't look like any Bishop I've ever seen.
Santa:  Well, my image has evolved over the years, but I am still known for bringing gifts to children.
Wiseman #2:  Did you  say "gifts?"  That seems to ring a bell.
Santa:  On Christmas Eve, I travel all over the world bringing gifts and joy to children of all ages.
Wiseman #2:  Why does that sound so familiar?  Didn't we bring gifts somewhere last year?
Wiseman #3:  I can't recall.  But I don't think His Fluffiness has the answers we are looking for.  We must journey further.....
Wiseman #3:  Thank you for your kind help Saint Nicholas.
Santa:  Ho Ho Ho....Merry Christmas!

to be continued.......


Philomena Ewing said...

Hilarious. :-))
I too would travel far and wide for an Apricot scone and Mexican coffee.
I am sorry that "His Fluffiness" did not provide the answers the wise men were looking for. I shall continue to follow their quest !!
Thanks and Blessings Roberta.

Jayne said...

Roberta, I adore the pilgrimage. Thank you!

Jill said...

You are so creative! Blessing to you and your Wise Men! :)