Friday, May 8, 2009

Wonder = gratitude

"If our religion is based on salvation,
our chief emotions will be
fear and trembling.

If our religion is based on wonder,
our chief emotion will be

Carl Jung
i'm looking out my window at the lilacs and the birds and wondering how God imagined such creations that bring so much delight and gratitude.


d said...

My religion might be based on salvation, but my chief emotion IS GRATITUDE for being saved and for being safe.

I agree with delight and gratitude for all His creation. It makes my heart swell to many times its size. Enjoy the sunshine and enjoy Mother's Day, friend.

Sandy said...

My lilac is 15 inches high and won't bloom for a few years. We're a little slow getting the landscaping in.

You're wondering at God's creation; try this: He was creating wonders for three and a half billion years before Man arrived. There is strong evidence that trilobites and other creatures in the Cambrian, half a billion years ago, saw colours; some Cambrian animals have moire lines--i.e. refraction colour and trilobite eyes are amazingly complex and efficient.

So the awesome creation was up and running for quite some time. I therefore suspect that He made it for His pleasure, not ours. Our wonder, we being made in His image, is sort of a by-product.


Rebekah said...