Tuesday, May 5, 2009

adult children

"If your happiness depends on your children being happy, that makes them your hostages. So stay out of their business, stop using them for your happiness, and be your own happiness. And that way you are the teacher for your children: someone who knows how to live a happy life."
byron katie

If only my grandmother had understood this - she would have had a much softer outlook on life - many of my recollections of her involve her sitting at my mom's, waiting for her other two children who lived very far away to call her. If they called, she was happy, if they didn't, none of us were!


sandy said...

nice one!


sandy frykholm said...

Amen to that!

Evelyn said...

Hmmmm, does it make the children MY hostages, or does it make ME the children's hostages? Probably a little of both! Good thought, Roberta. I'm glad you have your internet back! :)

Sue said...

I love this one! Thanks for the reminder.

ROBERTA said...

I like your thinking Evelyn - and you're right - it's both/and instead of either/or!

And i'm thrilled to have my internet back :)

Rebekah said...