Monday, May 25, 2009

psalm 53

I'm really enjoying Nan Merrill's "Psalms for Praying - an Invitation to Wholeness" - for it is a wonderful companion to the Hebrew Scriptures. Here is a taste -

Psalm 53

Those lacking in understanding may say,
"There is no Divine Presence."
They have not yet opened their hearts
to the Divine Guest,
to the Beloved, who dwells within.

The Holy Spirit seeks our hearts
that have been broken,
ever ready to heal them with
strength and new life.

Even when a heart remains closed,
seeking its own will,
The Beloved waits with abiding courtesy
to hear the inward call.

Many there are who know not Love,
laboring only for money and power,
Becoming greedy and dissatisfied,
oppressing the poor and
the weak.

There they are; fear besets them-
fear that others will steal their
that their riches will be scattered
and lost;
they live in prisons of their own

O, that deliverance would come to them!
For, when they seek the Treasure
they will be blessed and know
the joy, friendship, and love
of the Beloved in all hearts.

p. 99
artwork: "David and the Fool" from here

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