Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hell hath no fury?

Harrowing of Hell icon -
written by iconographer Wayne Hajos

"I saw the fires of hell
and people were not burning there.
All that was burning was what they
had refused to let go of on earth.
And the flames were not punishing;
they were liberating.

- Meister Eckhart

Gee, this is not quite what Sister Brendan
taught in 8th grade @ St. Philips!


Linda K. said...

Everyone has there own perception of "hell" or what they would like it to be; however I am a believer that hell is something we make as living, walking human beings…we can make our personal hells or try to make hell for someone else. It is what we do with that hell that determines if it stays "hell."

Donna said...

Yeah. We all want to believe in happy endings, hmmmm?

Brad said...

Let's hear it for Meister Eckhart! This is yet another reason for a blessing today - he is so right and the icon is so wonderfully done. This isn't what Pastor Willard preached at Six Mile Baptist Church, either - but it's what Jesus taught! - Brad

Cheryl said...


How did we in history let go of such incredible thoughts as Meister Eckhart and grasp a literal interpretation of the Bible? Oh, so many people harmed by doctrine for so long! This quote represents some of my own thinking that harkens back to wisdom given to others before me. Beautiful!!

Sandy said...

Betcha Sr Brendan was closer on it than this guy

Jan said...

This is SO good! And new to me; I love it.

Rene said...

Research of Near Death Experiences actually give us a reasonable account of what Hell looks like and what it is.

Stephanie said...

The Resurrection of Christ is another title for this icon. The Lord transforms Hades from a place of darkness to a place filled with His Divine Light. Here the Lord conquers and stands on the broken gates of Hades as he raises Adam and Eve from the bonds of death. He raises all creation to Divine Life!

Orthodox Troparion- Christ is risen from the dead. By death He conquered Death, and to those in the grave, He granted life.

ROBERTA said...

Thank you for the information on this icon. By death he conquered death! Beautiful!