Wednesday, May 20, 2009

contaminated lenses

"Forgiveness is not a moral issue.

It is an energy dynamic...
Forgiveness means that you do not carry
the baggage of an experience.
When you choose not to forgive,
the experience that you do not forgive
sticks with you.
When you choose not to forgive,
it is like agreeing to wear
dark, gruesome sunglasses
that distort everything,
and it is you who are forced every day
to look at life through those contaminated lenses
because you have chosen to keep them."

~ Gary Zukav from 'The Seat Of The Soul ~


Jayne said...

Truer words have never been written. :c)

Lauralew said...


John said...

What a wonderful piece for Ascension Day. The transformative principle here is that Jesus ascends to correct our contaminated lenses with grace and
love. Now we can see all the way to the infinite edges of God's
universe/kingdom. Jesus the Astronaut. We the Hubble.

K Leann said...

Hey! It's your favorite redheaded student who finally figured it all out.. at least so far. I love this excerpt... very concise.