Monday, March 2, 2009

To Life!

"No matter how bad things get,
you got to go on living,
even if it kills you."

Sholem Aleichem
Yiddish author & humorist
who gave us Tevye, the milkman

So why is Mark Twain in the picture?


Linda said...

Dear Roberta,

The dark side of me had to laugh because short of dying the only other prospect is living. I believe we take living for granted…from February 18th to February 24th I was reminded death is only around the corner. I lost two of my favorite patients, the young man we care for lost his father and our neighbor across the street died. I have tried hard not focus on the loss, but the living of life as Jesus would have lived it. Serving, sharing and bringing good news. At this time, the world looks pretty grim and dark to many, but in this dark time I hope people will find light. The light of love, living, family and faith through prayer. If we learn anything at this time, I hope that people will learn life is not about big cars, big houses and lots of gadgets, it is about something bigger! L'Chayim! Warmly, Linda

Linda J. Klinefelter, MS
Patient Navigator
Olympic Medical Cancer Center

Sandy said...

The Herbrew is the author's name, Sholem Aleichem and a word I cannot find in a biblical Herbrew dictionary, so it's probably a Yiddish extract. No Twain there.

Becky said...

comparing moustaches???????

Jan said...

I'm glad I heard that NPR segment about him today, so I could recognize who this was!

ROBERTA said...

Answer: Both authors used a pen name: Sholem's real last name was Rabinovich - Twain's was Samuel Clemens.