Friday, March 13, 2009

Lint as Lent

On the way to All Saints
"Lent Event 2009"a mother
listened to the conversation
between her two children.

One child wondered aloud:
"What is Lent, anyway?"

The sibling responded:
"It's the stuff on your clothes."

taken from here.

Ah yes - out of the mouths of babes -
but that is pretty close -
what is sticking to us that we need to remove?


Jane said...

That's great!! And on the web page where you got that, I liked the grace to the tune of the Adams Family theme song too:>)

Brad said...

YES!!!!! We need a really good Lent Filter!! - Brad

Evelyn said...

Hmmmm, that's giving me something to think about!

Ellie Finlay said...

That's cute. And just like the sort of thing children sometimes say. Quite believable!

Jan said...

Such good thoughts! I hope you don't mind me lifting it to my blog? I've been at a loss about writing lately. Thank you.

Lauralew said...

Excellent! That certainly is part of Lent, isn't it, seeing what sticks that perhaps you don't want to!

Cheryl said...

Great one, Roberta!!

Diane said...

great quote!!! (also like the Lent filter idea...)