Sunday, March 29, 2009


"All things are interrelated and interdependent; nothing exists in isolation. The entire universe is one ecosystem, similar to a spider web - if one part is touched, the entire net shimmers.

As a result of interrelatedness and interdependency, every expression of energy, including our thoughts and intentions, ultimately touches and affects everything else."

Matthew Flickstein,
Journey to the Center

photo by Jane Manzer


Bob said...

When I saw your "net" I was reminded of Joseph Campbell's mention of the "net of Indra" from both Hindu and Buddhist faiths. Just punching up net of indra on Google will get you a whole lot of cool stuff!

Loved the proselytizing mice!

Su said...

really like this one..timing was really interesting!

Rebekah said...

Makes you want to honor everything you come in contact with with great respect.

Jan said...

So true. Beautiful.

kristin said...

"When we tug on a single thing in nature, we find it attached to everything else." - John Muir