Friday, February 6, 2009

soul shutters

Death is an exercise in 'enough is enough.' Death points to newness of life, for those who stay behind as well as for those who go. What death ends, in other words, it also begins. Painfully, perhaps. Fearfully, often. But never without new challenge, new gift, new opportunity. It's when we shutter up the windows of our souls and hide behind yesterday that tomorrow never comes, no matter how long we live." Joan Chittister
In Search of Belief, p. 126-12. photo from here


Cheryl said...


Fascinating quote on death!! And, so true, I think. You must be yearning for that release for your father.


Jan said...

Kind of goes along with a poem I posted today, which oddly is about death and a tear in the poet's jeans.

ROBERTA said...

yes cheryl, i do yearn for that release for my dad - and jan - this does fit rather well with your torn jeans poem!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That is a thought provoking post.

I keep thinking of you and your father.

Jayne said...

It truly is the circle of life. An ending, and a beginning. I pray he finds peace when the time comes Roberta. Hugs to you.