Wednesday, February 18, 2009

our task is to abide

Today we remember Martin Luther, reformer, 1546, and here is something I pulled from Brightest and Best - A Companion to the Lesser Feasts and Fasts:

"In truth, the institutional church (and a good many other human institutions) is dead. Such life as we see may not be evidence of reformation but of resurrection, for which only God may be thanked. If we are to survive these times, we must let go both of our fear of failure and of our zeal for success.

We must rest confident not in our institutions, but in our God...Our task, as John reminds us, it to abide - to abide in God's love, to place our confidence and make our dwelling not in institutions but in God. As Martin Luther boldly affirmed, we and the institutions we fashion are only wayfarers in time. Only in God are we truly at home." p. 40


Laura said...

My very Southern Baptist grandfather was a great scholar of Martin Luther's. He, too, felt that only in God was he at home.

Diane said...

what a great and contemporary quotation!