Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello, Operator?

"When you see a truck bearing down on you,
by all means jump out of the way.
But spend some time in meditation too.
Learning to deal with discomfort is the only way you'll be ready
to handle the truck you didn't see."
B.H. Gunaratana

Anyone else feeling like they've been hit by a truck?

Extra Credit:
name the film


Sandy said...

Dennis (weaver) menaced by a monster, one of the stupidest movies ever. No, never heard of it.

Donna said...

Duel Dennis Weaver Steven Spielberg

Donna said...

Duel Dennis Weaver Steven Spielberg

Peggy said...

Dennis Weaver
? truck

Cheryl said...

It looks like Dennis Weaver to me, but I don't know the movie.


Jan said...

I didn't remember "Duel"--all I could think of was "Truck"! What a good quote to go along with that image!!