Monday, February 23, 2009

Eric won an Oscar!

We had a great time viewing the Oscars last night with the fam and Aunt Sue, though I must say that when you are waiting for a particular category to be announced the show is even longer than it appears to be! I tried to load the winning moment from the show but it has been removed from so here is the only photo of the bald headed golden boy that Eric has posted so far. CONGRATULATIONS ERIC!

I took the following from the Oscar website:
Eric Barba, Steve Preeg, Burt Dalton and Craig Barron


Oh my God. On behalf of myself, Steve Preeg, Burt Dalton and Craig Barron, I'd like to thank the Academy for this incredible honor. I'd also like to thank Edson Williams and his team at Lola Visual Effects and Nathan McGuinness and his team at Asylum as well as all the other visual effects teams that worked so hard on this film. I'd like to thank our amazing team at Digital Domain, my mentor Ed Ulbrich, my wonderful producer Lisa Beroud, the woman who is my biggest supporter, my wife Roma, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall and Ceán Chaffin, for trusting that we could actually pull this off. Brad Pitt for an amazing performance. And of course David Fincher for giving us all the opportunity to work on this film. To my kids, Cole and Nicolette, I'd just like to say, "Work hard, do good work and never give up." Thank you.


Christine said...

I watched the Oscars late last night after I got home from Portland. Your'e right they seemed longer than normal -even when taped. After the announcement I kept rewinding & pausing trying to see Roma. Thought I did get a glimpse of her glittery dress! How awesome! Congrats to all.

P.S. Today I am dragging as it took until 1 am to get through the whole show!

Brad said...

WOW! Now is that validation of Eric Barba's talent, or what? Two for two, and the two at the very top of the awards ladder. He's a fine looking fellow to boot, and we got a distant, all-too-brief glimpse of a beautiful, blonde Irish lady!

Margaret said...

OMG! This is so cool. Congratulations to all.

Monica said...

This is so very cool! I watched every moment, not something that I have done for awhile. YEAH!!!

Becky said...

I watched, too. It was worth the wait---Congrats to the sister-in-law of the winner!!!!!

Jayne said...

WOW. WOW. WOW! How proud you and your family must be Roberta. That is quite exciting!!!

Erin said...

I missed most of the oscars because of Bible study but I turned on the british awards because of what you had said on your blog and the 10 mins I happened to catch were the minutes in which he won there too. Congratulations!

Roma said...

This is SOOOOOOO COOOOOOOL!!!!! Thanks so much for posting! I'm still on a high!!!!! Eric took this picture after his win with the iphone.........Oscar is at the office being fondled by all who worked just as hard as Eric (150 of his closest friends) to make this possible.

Love you sis! Thanks for always being on top of the blog to keep all informed!

Oh my God!!!!!

Sis xoxoxo