Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Healing

"Whatever pain or problem we have,
what helps is to find a quality of presence -
where we can
open to it,
see it,
feel it,
and find the truth
concealed in it -
that is our healing."

John Welwood

this healing hand meditation is from:

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kristin said...

Thank you for posting this...especially today. Everyone I know (well, almost) has been sick..and finally, yesterday, I starting coming down with it. :(

Besides that, I have been a fan of Mr. Welwood's for many years. I have a few of his books in my home library....and have given copies to friends, over the yrs, to (hopefully) help them thru some challenges and/or transitions they were facing at the time. "Journey of the Heart", "Ordinary Magic", "Love & Awakening" and "Challenge of the Heart" are a few that come to mind...unbelievably, even to this very "stuffy" mind that feels like it weighs at least 50 lbs today. :)