Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mildred Pierce

Happy Saturday! And it's back to the Top Ten films. (I believe we are up to #5?)

Today's pick is "Mildred Pierce" - made in 1945 - it starred the magnificent Joan Crawford - She won Best Actress for her fabulous portrayal of how NOT to raise a daughter. You can check out one of the more delicious scenes between Mildred and her daughter Veda, played by Anne Blyth here.


laura said...

Wait! I missed films #2,3, and 4!

ROBERTA said...

well laura, here is the run-down in no particular order:
1) smoke signals
2) red balloon
3) all about eve
4) pure country

sigrid said...

I don't remember the previous 4 - but I don't think I could watch a whole movie of this! My own life was disfunctional enough!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

We have this movie. Very bad parenting. LOL That Veda sure was a stinker.

I love All About Eve.

ROBERTA said...


anyone ever tell you that you have excellent tastes in movies?