Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sometimes when I suggest meditation to my clients as a way to become more fully present there is at least a smigden of resistance :) Many believe that if they can't do it perfectly then why bother? Listen to what Francis de Sales has to say about that and be encouraged. I know he mentions a "meditation hour" but just one minute is a worthy goal. You can always add another minute tomorrow.

"Even if you do nothing in your meditation hour but bring your heart back gently a thousand times, though it went away each time again, your meditation is a success." St. Francis de Sales

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p said...

you know ...roberta....sad to say that when I was one of jehovahs witnesses....they said that meditation was dangerous because it emptied your mind and allowed it to be filled possibly by demons........I dont know if they feel the same way today....because I have noted many changes in there followers....but it did quite a number on my head at the time.

bill said...

Sandy shared your New Zealand meditation site with me. (How did you find that?) As she said in her forwarding message, "I'm the meditator in the family". Well, I wish I was more faithful about doing it. While in Oklahoma, I studied meditation with an Episcopal nun and her friend Rob Nairn (from South Africa) and then with a Kadampa Buddhist who came up to Norman from their temple in suburban Dallas. The New Zealand site is very well done. Although I do some meditation walking (mainly on clear days) I need to do more specific sitting as well. The New Zealand site is a good reference and stimulation to become more regular.