Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Results

is daring to acknowledge
our mutual destiny
so that we might
move forward
all together
into the land which
God is showing us

Henri Nouwen -
"With Open Hands" p.112


cheryl said...

Great choice of a quote for today, Roberta!

ROBERTA said...

yes - i know that as much of the world is rejoicing, there are many who see this as utter desolation - so i wanted to reach out in some way....thank you for the encouragement :)

karen said...

what a fabulous photo! I just love it it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Roberta, This is my first visit to your blog. I enjoyed it SO much... We are Episcopalians also--and our priest is a Spiritual Director also. YES--the country is divided and many of us are hurting. I enjoy Henry Nouwen --so his quote is perfect today! Thanks!

Becky (the little sis) said...

It's one step forward one step backwards. We now have a bi-racial President (He is half white) which is amazing. We however voted down Gay marriages in California because we had these absolutely hideous ads running that convinced people that their children's minds were being ruined at school.

One day we will have Presidents of color, women Presidents and gays with equal rights and we won't think twice about it.

We are off on the right foot - but we've only begun to start the journey.

And if I do say so myself - McCain's speech last night was articulate, gracious and humbling. Now is the time for the country to start praying to be united.

ROBERTA said...

thank you sis for the fabulous response! i'm so sorry that gay marriages were seen as too threatening for california - however i noticed the the results were very close - so, as you said, there may be hope for the future. in the meantime may we continue to show compassion for one another.