Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Permanent Advent

Me:  I wonder how the wise ones are faring after their "experience" of yesterday
 Let's check in, shall we?

Hello again wise ones.  How are we doing this evening?

Wiseman #2:  As we reconsider these words of Mary Lou Kownacki, OSB,
We are wondering if what you have shown us so far could be classified as
"nourishment to sustain the journey" or just a strange mirage to feed our nightmares?

Me:  Well, I think you need to see the bigger picture and how we are all connected. 
That in itself should serve as a spiritual oasis - knowing that you are not alone in your calling -
that at this time we are all drawn toward Bethlehem,
fulfilling the promise of seeing the new King.

Speaking of which, I'd like to show you this picture:
Here are 3 young wise ones who have found the location of the star but the stable is empty. 
They are waiting in what you might call a "permanent Advent." 

Wiseman #3:  How discouraging to go all that way and not find the Christ child.
Wiseman #2:  Yes, we do take it for granted that we always find Jesus.

Wiseman #1:  Um, am I the only one here who thinks that gigantic reindeer
might have scared away Mary and Joseph?  Look at that behemoth! 
I bet he ate them for a snack! 

Me:  Stop being so dramatic! He looks very friendly to me.

Wiseman #2:  You are not 2 inches tall as we are. 

Me: That's true.  I do have the habit of looking at situations through my own eyes. 
I bet he does look intimidating to someone of your stature, 
but those red polka dotted ears are a good sign he's not a threat.
And I did feel badly for the little ones and so I brought them home.

Wiseman #1: You mean you BOUGHT them!   Tell me you paid more than 99 cents?

Me:  As I recall I paid $1.49. 

Wiseman #1:  Oh! Wow!  That's great news! 
 Let's see, that breaks down to about 50 cents a piece. 
It saddens me to think that's all we are worth to the Good Will.

Me:  The goal of the Goodwill is not to make exorbitant profits
but to provide employment to those in need while supplying household goods
 to those who can't afford to purchase new items. 

Wiseman #2:  Your clarification is helpful dear Landlady...I think we can live with that. 

Wiseman #3: I don't want to speak for my friends here,
 but this idea of living in a "permanent Advent" is giving me a deep desire to see Jesus. 
What say you fellas?

Wiseman #1:  I too am experiencing a stirring deep within. 
We owe it to all the other wise ones to continue to seek Christ.

Wiseman #2: And I'll do anything to not have to see any more of these vignettes!

Me:  What?  But I have this really cool photo of a golden angel at the manger and the cross!

 Wisemen #1,#2,#3:  AAUGGHHHH! 

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Brad said...

This year's Wise Men's Quest is some of the best stuff you've ever done! I know there were powerful reasons for delaying their story until now, but how wonderful to focus on their Advent when ours is just past and the Days of Christmas winding down. I find the concept of Permanent Advent very moving and very sad. How unfulfilling to wait, in expectation, on and on and on, without ever finding God With Us. Yet, if your Wise Men, or other Zoroastrian astrologers, or other Magi, or anybody, had shown up not many days later, they'd have found the stable empty of all but animals.

The Son of Man, God With Us, does not stand still, does not just stay in one place. He is always on the move, as was the case when he was physically living on the earth. Part of His unending journey is to walk with each one of us, wherever we are, but to ask us to keep moving ahead, to keep on the journey. I am very much with your Wise Men - they want to get moving!

And you, my friend, have moved so far this past year! May 2012's journey be a kinder one, a gentler one, a walk full of joy!

Love, Brad