Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Growing Wiser?

Last night, the wisemen caught their first glimpse of life for another wise one and they weren't sure what to make of it.  Shall we continue the saga?

Me:  Good Evening my favorite wisdom seekers!  Are you ready for the next story?  

Wiseman #1:  We think we are.

Me: OK. Tell me, what do you see?

Wiseman #2:  Another wise man with another 99 cent price tag!  Is that all wise ones are worth in this place of Good Will!

Wiseman #3:  WAIT! What is that sticking out of the top of his head?

Wiseman #1:  Is that a candle wick?  HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! There is a wick coming out of that man's head!  He's a self-immolating wise man!

Wiseman #2:  The horror! The shame!
Me:  Well it's not like he's been "lit"...

Wiseman #1:  I surely hope he ends up in a match-free environment.  Oh this is just too much!

Wiseman #2:  I can't bear to think of what happened to his compadres.
Me: Calm down.... Is this enlarging your world view?

Wiseman #3:  Only if you move on to another picture.

Me: I'd love to.  Here's our next scene:

Wiseman #3:  That's a refined looking wiseman with a fine gift of gold!

Wiseman #1:  But what and who is that next to him?

Me:  That's a cowboy 'wise one' bringing gifts to the baby Jesus - I think he's holding a nutcracker?

Wiseman #2:  Cowboy?  Cowboys can't be wise! And what kind of a gift is a nutcracker?

Me:  Stop being so judgmental.  Cowboys can be wise ones.  And the nutcracker appears to be the gift he's bringing.  It's the gift he has to offer.  Jesus accepts all gifts.  All.  From everyone.   Now here is the full picture:
Wiseman #3:  IS THIS A JOKE? 

Wiseman #2:  ARE YOU MOCKING US?

Me:  No, this is not a joke and I'm in no way mocking you.  Nativity scenes are depicted in a myriad of ways - different sizes, different cultures, even different species, but all with the same message.  LOVE is BORN.....And if these wanderers who have found themselves in this temporary place of Good Will, have found a way to live out their calling, what is stopping you 3 from continuing your journey?  That step which you fear to take is the one that leads towards life.

Wiseman #1:  Perhaps you speak truth dear landlady.  We will take all of this into consideration.

Me:  I have more pictures to show you!

Wiseman #1:  Not tonight.  We need time to digest.  Come and see us tomorrow.  But can you remove the matches from the top of the commode on your way out please? 

Me:  No one's going to light you on fire!  I promise.

Wiseman #2:  For our peace of mind, please take them away.

Me:  OK, will do....Sleep well little ones...sleep well.

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Margaret D. McGee said...

I love your Goodwill photos!