Monday, January 2, 2012

Good Will to Wise Men

In our last installment, our 3 wise ones were left to ponder the words of Mary Lou Kownacki's words from 100 Graces.  Shall we continue the story? Come with me into the the wisemen's domain - the guest bath!

Me:  How are you feeling today?

Wiseman #1:  A bit under the weather... Such dreary rain outside our window today.

Wiseman #2:  Yes, dear landlady, we don't think this is the best day to visit the other wise ones as you suggested the other day.

Me:  Well, lucky for you, we don't have to journey anywhere today.  I will be bringing images to you!

Wiseman #3:  Oh?  You have caught the attention of our collective curiousity!

Me:  Allrighty then.  Several weeks ago I journeyed to a very sacred place called the Goodwill.

Wiseman #1:  As in good will towards men?

Me:  Yes. Something like that.  It's a place that people take their things to that they no longer want or need. Then other people come to this place and purchase these things to take to their homes.

Wiseman #2:  What?  That's awful!  Are you considering taking us there?

Me:  I would never part with any of you! I'm actually bringing the GoodWill here to you today.

Wiseman #2:  We do not understand...

Me:  Just look at this picture and tell me what you see:
Wiseman #1:  A wise one? 

Wiseman #2:  With a price tag!  99 cents?  How can a price be put on a wise one?  WHERE'S THE GOODWILL IN THAT!

Wiseman #3:  Are you trying to upset us?  What is that creature beside him?  A bloated marshmallow wearing clothes?

Wiseman #2:  Watch out for the one behind you, oh wise one!  He's about to attack with that broom!

Me:  Everybody calm down!  This wise one is fine. The snowman is not going to attack! This is a shelf in the Christmas decor section of the Goodwill store.  The point I'm trying to make is that there are many ways to live out one's calling.  

Wiseman #1:  But where are his wise mates?  Isn't he lonely?  How did he end up all alone? 

Me:  I don't have the answers to any of those questions.  But, I do know that he is serving exactly where he is.  And he is NOT alone.   So what if it's with snow people and a comfy clapboard house?  He's still about bringing his gifts, just as he was created to do.

A short silence ensued.....

Wiseman #3:  Can we go to visit this sad man? 

Me:  No, because he's not there anymore.  And I don't see him as being sad.

Wiseman #1:  Did someone buy him for the paltry sum of 99 cents?  I am appalled.

Me:  I'm sure he found a wonderful home.

Wiseman #2:  We are more confused than anything by this news.  Why did he not set out for the holy land? 

Me:  Goodwill was his holy land.

Wiseman #3:  We must have time to process. Can you leave us now, dear landlady?

Me:  That's probably a good idea.  We'll continue our journey tomorrow. In the meantime,  in the words of Luke 2:14, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will towards men.

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