Friday, January 20, 2012

Jonah in a seashell

Spent most of this week studying the Book of Jonah.
to prepare for a sermon. 
Maybe it was the effect of this week's  snow,
but I started condensing
the story into whatever this is..
Jonah in a nutshell?  Or perhaps a seashell. 

"God called,  but Jonah stalled.
Then Jonah split, and a mighty storm hit.
The sailors cast lots, and Jonah?  He lost!
Then the whale swallowed, while Jonah?  He wallowed.
Soon the whale spewed, after which Jonah stewed.
God said, "Get up!"
But Jonah felt set up.
So Jonah spoke of spite, but they became - contrite.
Those Ninevites repented!
And Jonah's God relented!
And Jonah?  He pouted and lo! a bush sprouted.
But soon the bush died, and Jonah?  He cried.
Then God did the talking and Jonah the balking.
And while God accused, Jonah excused.
So God discussed, but Jonah remained...

Roberta Hiday

artwork by Scott Erickson
from here

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