Sunday, October 31, 2010

trick or treat

Remember trick or treating as a kid? Candy apples and those little paper baggies that kind neighbors filled with rice krispie treats and other homemade goodies? Ah yes, the good old days, and then there was that scare of razor blades in the apples and poison in the candies, so out went all the homemade treats and in came Emergency Rooms offering to x-ray our children's candy....

And it turns out that there actually wasn't a widespread threat from our neighbors, but the FEAR remained and so we continue to safeguard our children from the scary bad guys and gals who are out there...somewhere.

I read in a blog today that Halloween is a wonderful opportunity to practice hospitality to our neighbors - by opening our doors to the unknown - kind of along the lines of  that "love your neighbor" idea that Jesus was always talking about.  Happy Halloween!


Sis said...

There was a house on NY Drive and the lady gave out homemade popcorn balls. For about 7-8 years it was the highlight of my trek. The 2nd to last year I went she had passed away and Halloween was officially over for me. Funny how one persons efforts can impact you as a child. She went to such efforts. This brought back that wonderful trick or treat memory!!! Thanks sis!!!

Sandy said...

This is very good. Thank you!

We usually get 6, mayber 8 kids, so I left my 1815 Irish bar wench costume on. Usually, I put on a gorilla suit and the kids have to get their ttreats from the gorilla. With some eerie lighting, it's quite effective.

Tonight we had 44!! We ran out of peanut butter cups. So we scooped trail mix into snack bags. Ran out of snack bags. Scooped trail mix (nuts and M&Ms) into sandwich bags...

The point is, the kids got old fashioned stuff instead of sanitized pre-wrapped stuff. As did we, 60 years ago.

I hope they're back next year