Sunday, October 10, 2010

the grateful leper

Jesus healed 10 lepers in today's Gospel story.
Only one came back to give thanks. The Samaritan.
Even after being healed he would still be considered an Outcast.
And yet, there he was - Grateful as could be.
Rumi says it best:

brings you to the place
where the Beloved lives."

I would love to have a reference
for where this artwork came from?


Pam said...

I will always remember Jesus for the healing that I have found in him and in myself.

Peace and love and light,

Jaliya said...

I can't imagine not giving thanks to *anyone* who has offered me an experience of healing, of making whole ...

It strikes me as funny ("Hmm...") that nine of the ten lepers did not express gratitude for their healing ... That number might be a perpetual truism: "Nine out of ten humans surveyed cling for dear life to old habits after a healing!" ;-)

Isn't it true, though? Socrates said, "Know thyself" ... and self-knowledge in the gnostic sense has most of us running, screaming into the night ...

... if we stop running and screaming, and stand still for a moment in awareness ... Then we know of our healing, our wholeness, and *then* we give thanks ...

... easier said than done, Lord knows ...

... so I give thanks anyway ;-)

We've all experienced being outcast, exiled, made to feel dirty and diseased somehow ... and with that knowledge we know we're all in this together, and with all our relations, we always have choices ...

... and I keep telling myself these things, and reminding myself of them when I respond to a beautiful post like this ... Thank you, Roberta xo

shabs said...

I love this parable about the 10 lepers. And just the one leper in Mark. I have previously written an article about it on my blog ( Also decided to use the picture for my hubpage :) Do you know who's the artist?