Monday, October 4, 2010

Hints and Glimpses

"All we have
are hints and glimpses,
something seen fleetingly
as in peripheral vision,
a shadowy shape
beyond the drape,
the voice that whispers
behind the grill,
the merest murmur
of Elysian melody,
a prickling of the skin
which might be
but a draft
from an open window.
But it is the window
opening on eternity,
seen now darkly,
but then
face to face."

Bonnie Thurston
A Corner of the Artist’s Room in Paris (with Open Window), Gwen John.

Life is filled with such moments of almost seeing something, almost touching something,
not knowing with certainty, but comforted by the experience.

1 comment:

Brad said...

both your words and choices are bang on for this thought. These "thin places" are great blessings. Sometimes God has answered my prayers of pain or desperation or joy with such glimpses, such fleeting touches of a hand not sees but surely felt. But it seems that faith and hope are essential ingredients. Otherwise it's only a breeze or shadow.
Love to you from where we are.