Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stinky Feet

Welcome to Maundy Thursday. This is the night that we wash one another's feet at our church in the same manner that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. So, being the clever gal that I think I am, I realized that a pedicure was definitely in order. After all, I had not had one since the day before I left for Ireland in October & I didn't want anyone to know that. What would they think of my nasty feet? Or more importantly, what would they think of me?

I called for an appointment but was told that they're closed until next week. Panic! I could have called another nail salon but something deeper began to arise from within....the thought that I am attempting to hide the real state of not just my feet but my whole self. God already knows the state of my feet and every other inch of my being and Loves all of me. Who am I trying to kid? People need to see the state of my feet with my bunions and crooked nails and with the lingering vestiges of red polish still visible in spots.

All week the thought that no part of following Christ can be sung as a solo has been knocking around in my head. Tonight is yet another opportunity to realize that I need the body of Christ. I need to hold & wash someone else's feet with all their corns and bunions and hairy toes. And I need someone to do the same for me. Just like Peter, who told Jesus, "no way" - I need to surrender those parts of myself that I think are the ugliest to the care of the communion of saints. Care to join me?


Sandy said...

What a gorgeous, splendid insight, Roberta! Beautiful

Sue said...

Wow – it speaks volumes. Thank you for the message. Happy Easter Roberta!

Cathy said...

Last night I washed my 80 year old mother's feet. What a blessing.