Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jesus feeds Judas

At this morning's service we read John's gospel story in which Jesus tells his disciples that someone in the room was about to betray him. All were shocked. Mystified. Baffled. And wondered who it could be? Really? They didn't have an inkling? Nothing? Nada? Hmmm....When John leans in to ask who the betrayer might be Jesus replied that it would be the one he was about to feed. Then Jesus took a piece of bread, dipped it in the dish, and gave it to Judas....So I leave you with this encouraging thought to chew on which was also read at this morning's service:

"There is a Judas in me. When Christ feeds me, he feeds all of me - the sinner and the saint alike. He feeds my Judas. He loves even that part of me. He loves "the least of these" in me. He loves the parts of me I hide from the world and deny. That is a remarkable feeding. He does not withold anything - even his body and his blood - from such a one as I."  Forward Day by Day, March 31st, 2010 

artwork:  Kiss of Judas by Ante Barisic


Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Roberta
Long time since I posted. Things are hectic here but I just wanted to wish you a very Holy Holy Week and to offer blessings and prayers for you for Easter. Thank you for your great blogs that have inspired me for so long and speak again soon.

Josh Indiana said...

Striking artwork, Roberta.