Friday, August 28, 2009

The latest dish

Dear Mr. Dishnetwork,

In an effort to save money I'm considering downgrading my present program package. Mr. Dishnetwork, this would save me $10 per month. However, I have called 3 times today, Mr. Dishnetwork, and the first two times I could not understand the operators and the third time I was told that there would be a $5 charge to downgrade my package.

Mr. Dishnetwork, this means I would only be saving $5 this month. When I asked your very polite operator, Mr. Dishnetwork, why there is such a fee he told me repeatedly that it was because I was downsizing. Mr. Dishnetwork, this is not an explanation. I then asked why he repeated my name in every sentence and he said he would stop doing that if I did not like it.

I consider myself a patient person, a mindful person, but Mr. Dishnetwork, you make me want to do bodily harm to anyone within my reach. In order to maintain my sanity, Mr. Dishnetwork, I have decided to keep my present programming. After all, what's $10 a month in comparison to the state of my mental health?

Thank you for your continued stellar customer support.

Roberta Hiday


John said...

excellent work. teaches me to not UPGRADE so I won't have to suffer suchslings of misforturne. and of course I watch too much as it is!

Mary said...

I think you should send Mr. Dishnetwork a bill for private massage therapy to relieve your stress and anxiety about this issue.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, I've had many such frustrating phone calls.

Laurie said...

I feel your pain, now try calling your health insurance company,and get back to me!