Friday, August 7, 2009

Children of God

We just wrapped up our Vacation Bible School at St. Paul's this week and so my thoughts are centered on children. So much energy! So little pretense! What you see is what you get. And nothing is held back for later. They are great teachers for those of us who have spent years building walls to hide behind.

I searched for a picture of Jesus with children and as is so often the case, Jesus looks like he just stepped out of Central Casting. But I was taken by surprise by this Asian Jesus, and in particular, with the way the artist captured the essence of childhood.

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I especially like the child climbing on his back.

ROBERTA said...

Ruth, my favorite is the child on the far left who seems to be pulling the child directly in front away (like a sibling would) so that he/she can get closer? and Jesus putting his hand out as if to say - "now, now, there is room for everyone"