Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Although the act of nurturing
another's spiritual growth
has the effect of nurturing
one's own,
a major characteristic
of genuine love
is that the distinction
between oneself and the other
is always maintained and preserved."

M. Scott Peck


Paula said...

that is very good.....my brain draws this picture of your thought like this......."when someone is in a very dark room, it is nice if you don't turn on the light right away...but just lift a shade (as it were) a little at a time so they adjust easily.' ta da....love you roberta xoxoxoxoxo

Brad said...

Roberta, great choice of picture for this quote. BUT - in the world of genuine love, each person can have their "waves" go out and touch the other without the waves getting in each other's way in the middle. Each of the items in the picture would still be very much its own self, but there would be perfect patterns spreading out from each one. This is not natural - it's beyond nature. - Brad