Thursday, August 27, 2009

Common Ground

"Ted was sincerely intent on finding
enough common ground among us
to make progress on the issues of our day,
and toward that end he would work
as hard and as modestly as any staffer.
When he made a promise to you,
he kept it, no matter what. . . .
I will miss him very much."

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)
on the death of Edward M. Kennedy

And despite all of our political differences and frustrations,
shouldn't we all strive towards finding more of that
common ground?


Jeanette said...

I’ve been thinking about Ted Kennedy (of course). The first I knew much of him it was over Chappaquidick. Yuk.

But the man they talk about now is very different from that earlier man. On the News Hour last night, they talked about his faith, which he never talked about. Pretty interesting.

Anyway it makes me think that he had his own “Mars Hill” experience with God – maybe? I wonder if God came to him after that Chappaquidick experience and called him by name. He surely seems to have been moved by God’s hand. From the things I heard about him, he fought hard for justice for the poor over health care and other stuff.

ROBERTA said...


haven't we all had at least one chappaquidick experience in our life? imagine that the worst thing you ever did was brought up every time your name came up in a conversation for over 70 years...i don't think i could have lived with that label myself - but we do remember that horrific incident (at least those of us who are boomers) and there are many who are still stuck there -

and that is why we are not God - i'm sure there were many in David's day who could never let go of the fact that he knocked up Bathsheba and killed her husband - and yet God called him his beloved. Go figure....God is into upside down love.....gotta love that!

love your comments,

Jeanette said...

Yes, gotta love it, most of all because like you said – we ALL have our Chappaquidick’s (no idea how this should be spelled).

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This was a lovely tribute by McCain.

Loved your answer to Jeanette.

ROBERTA said...

thanks Ruth. the older i get, the more grey i see - and i'm not just talking about my hair :)