Tuesday, September 9, 2008

nation vs. congregation

"Women are not allowed to become clergy in many conservative religious groups. Is it hypocritical to think that a woman can lead a nation and not a congregation?" HT to E.Keaton


kristin said...

Oh wow....I can still (clearly) recall a "discussion" (for lack of a better word) that I had with an Episcopalian priest, about "women in the priesthood"...it was interesting, fiery, and fast-paced. It came down to the question of "tradition" - and the "ability" of the Holy Spirit to speak thru, to move thru a woman, as opposed to a man. Neither of us ever budged on our viewpoints...but he continued to allow me to teach the high school sunday school classes, nonetheless. :)

Jan said...


ROBERTA said...

kristin, i could relate to your posting - my question would have been why the HS could not move thru a woman as opposed to a man? women are more powerful then the HS? why would God create women in God's image and then not be able to speak thru us? hmmmm..