Wednesday, September 17, 2008


"Perhaps all the dragons
in our lives are princesses
who are only waiting
to see us act just once,
with beauty and courage.
Perhaps everything
that frightens us is ,
in its deepest essence,
something helpless
that needs our love."



Rebekah said...

Yes, but sometimes the dragon bites and comes very close to consuming us...and sometimes what frightens us wants power and control regardless of how we try and love them.

I gave a "short story" of the last two my Blog today. I have been subpoenaed to surrender "it all" anyway in a deposition September 29th.

kristin said...

Rebekah is is like a "sword", that can cut BOTH has to look deeply, to see which it is. Sometimes, it cuts both ways....

Either way, very often the "dragons" that hold the most power over us, are in our own psyche...or at least, Carl Yung would say so. And, if we are able to embrace ourselves, those fire-breathing creatures crumble like pieces of broken glass...

ROBERTA said...

You are right Kristin - the dragons are within us - and since we cannot change others we can only look within to see if what we believe to be true about ourselves, may, after all, not be!

Rebekah said...

My violent husband has my four-year-old son. His attorney has had the upper hand in each part of the restraining order and divorce case. My husband has lots of money. I am maxed on credit and have had very weak legal counsel.

How does the "psyche" come to rest with that reality? I am a mother... How does a mother who wants to love and protect rest when a monster possesses her precious child?