Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What if?

What if everyone rose in the morning and sat down to pray?
What if everyone asked to be aligned with your Spirit,
to carry your peace in their hearts?
How could anyone go forth and
cheat a business associate,
abuse a child,
order more weapons for war,
ignore the hungry?
How could anyone do anything that would harm
your holy creation - human or otherwise?
Wouldn’t we all want to hold each other and
marvel at the beauty of the world,
at the love in the heart of all mystery?
Barbara Schlachter


Brad said...

Hi, Roberta! Just had to note that part of the magnificence og God's forgiving grace is that "we" do in fact pray such prayers and then go out and do some of the things listed. It's not cheating, it's arranging reality so that I get what God wants me to have. It's not abuse, it's recompense for bad behavior. It's not evil war, it's God-directed action against the godless. Etc. etc. So it's not getting up and praying, it's letting God answer and act in us.
That can be hard!
Love, Brad

Rebecca said...

Nothing and I mean Nothing compares to the innocence of a child. I have a very sensitive 8 year old son and his faith in God amazes me. It humbles me and it reminds me that if we were all childlike in our attitudes towards God - it would be a better world.

Rebekah said...


Jan said...

This is so good!!