Monday, August 25, 2008

We worry because....

"Worry is directly related to control. It seems that we worry about the future, finances, relationships, jobs, and all the other unpredictables in our lives. Actually, there is only one worry: that of not being in full control of what will happen. We worry because we do not trust ourselves to handle what happens to us. We worry because we do not trust that the way the chips fall will work out for the best."
- from "The Five Things We Cannot Change" p. 10

So my questions remain. What will it take for us to learn to live more fully in the present & to question our thoughts? When will we realize that we are not God? When will we learn to trust God for the future?


Rebecca said...

We will realize that we are not God when we continue to try and be God and make choices and decisions where the outcome is painful and repetitive. There is an old saying "Insanity is making the same choices over and over again and hoping for different results" and then being surprised when we get the same results.

The strongest words are "Your Will Lord" and leaving it at that.

Rebekah said...

INDEED! Currently, I am so overwhelmed in my circumstance that I have no other choice but to surrender! I am without the ability to do a thing to change what is happening, so I cuddle real close to the One Who is up to something very safe place.

Jan said...

Good questions. Reminds me of what a therapist once told me to ask myself when I felt panicky:

--Are you safe right now? (yes)
--Who is in charge? (God)